Hacking business in IT sector

If you are thinking that you are safe with your computer systems and server, think twice। You will be surprised to look at the statistics of viruses that affect computers. Virus threat to computers is nothing new. New viruses, spyware and malware are increasing day by day and it runs faster than any antivirus program making it harder to protect.

‘Botnets’ have emerged as one of the biggest threats to computers. It is surprising that between January to June this year, India saw 374 new bots per day. With the increase of servers especially in India, the new IT hub, the number of bot infected computers are increasing like anything. Bots are software applications that run automated tasks over the internet। Typically, bots perform tasks at a much higher rate than a human editor can.

Bots or internet robots infect computers and once inside a network, they automate, can perform denial of service attacks, and relay spam that appears to come from the infected machine’s network, or install software that can log keystrokes।

Researches and studies are on by several companies to detect and protect servers and systems in India। With the spread of IT companies in India, they are becoming vulnerable to bots. Hacking has become a profitable business. The motive being to steal information or to relay spam, botnets have become a threat to computers in this new IT hub, where more than 40 command and control servers run.

Hackers are running a parallel economy globally and India is no far from this global phenomena. Credit card information, email passwords, bank account information are some of the highly demanding commodities. Rates of products and commodities vary as per the amount of information to share.


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